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Latest News

Romania-US partnership in the nuclear energy sector: the project company RoPower Nuclear SA was launched, owned in equal parts by SC Nuclearelectrica SA and...

By RBJ Nuclearelectrica SA and Nova Power & Gas SRL launch RoPower Nuclear SA, the project company for the development...
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The French group ALTEN buys QUALITANCE, the international technology and innovation company founded in Romania

By RBJ QUALITANCE, the international technology and innovation company founded in Romania, has signed an acquisition agreement with ALTEN, according to which the international technology...

Bitcoin Romania targets between 75-100 new crypto-ATM franchises by the end of the year

By RBJ Bitcoin Romania, the leader of the crypto-ATM market in Eastern Europe and the owner of the largest local cryptocurrency trading platforms, targets to...

Romania’s government debt is close to 49% of GDP

By RBJ Public administration debt (government debt) rose slightly in July of this year, to 48.8% of the Gross Domestic Product, from 48.3% of GDP...

McKinsey & Company: Romania’s digital economy could grow 3.5 times to 52 billion euros in 2030 (2)

By RBJ “Romania is the second largest digital commerce market in CEE after Poland, with Romanians spending on average ~500 euro per capita (~25% lower...